*Disclaimer: This potluck is heavily laden with idle chatter about blogs. If you don't have a blog, (Fred) get one this may not interest you. You are excused from today's potluck. Here at the Nirvana no one is contractually obligated to read on...*

*skipping into frame* Hi! It is Potluck day. Welcome to a super duper fun filled potluck in honor of all the blogs I love beginning with the letter "M". It'll be MMMMM'mmmmm. good.

Today I am contributing a yummy "M" food, mini muffins. I can make the mini muffins from a mix at home, but I am not on speaking terms with my oven right now. So a little trip to Central Market was in order.

Why the letter "M"? There are some awesome blogs in my reader starting with that letter. In fact, look at this very impressive list:

Madness, Madness, I say
Make it a Double
Manic Mommy
Marlee's Rant
Marriage Hacks
Memories and Musings
Mommy Cracked
Momo Fali
Mrs. Flinger
My Little Drummer Boys
My Semblance of Sanity

The M's are a who's who of the blogsphere. A list of blogs I would want on a deserted island. BUT there is one problem. M is in the middle. M is in the middle of the alphabet. M is in the middle of my reader list.

I have a system. I alternate between reading my reader from the top (A down...) and the bottom (Z up...). Poor M's. Poor neglected M's. Inevitably, something distracts me midway through the list. I can usually make it down to L or up to N, but M just gets left in the middle.

I was so relieved when Madge's Mad, Madge World started with an "I" for "It's a". I am so thankful that Mad Marriage starts with a "B" for "Blog Confessions of". I can keep up with Mrs. Fussypants because she starts with an "F" for simply "Fussy".

I think Mom Two Boys is on to something with that "A"...

I suggest taking note of what has been happening in the Yellow Pages for years. If it works for plumbers, locksmiths and personal injury lawyers, it could work for your blog!

Why not add an "A" in front of your blog name? Why stop at just one? In fact, 3 sounds good! Suddenly, Motherscribe becomes AAA Motherscribe and Momisodes becomes ZZZ Momisodes. I don't want to imply that Sandy's blog would put anyone to sleep, she could use YYY or XXX, but that might categorize her out of the mommyblogging realm. I have noticed that punctuation also works as in the case of the OMG blog whose "!!" before and after elevate it to before "A" reader status.

Just a little suggestion so that Yes, and so my heart and
A Mom Two Boys don't get all the attention around here.

*deep announcer voice* And now it's time to play Holly's favorite game...

Holly: Thank you. Thank you. Today I have a winner! A winner for best Google search that brought you to the Nirvana. What makes me giddy is that after googling this...it brought you to me. It was fate. The winner is...*drum roll*...the dear reader who arrived after the search "Googling my life away"! *wild applause*

Reid(4) randomly announced "I hope the good guys win". It was without context. It was out of the blue. It is a better 6 word memoir meme then mine.

Alright, I am off to ??? Mommy Cracked??? and
!!! Momo Fali!!!...


A Mom Two Boys said...

How do you do it, woman? That's just your M list? My lord, I can barely get through my ENTIRE list and it's not much longer than your M's. Can you teach me blog time management, please?

Thanks for the mention. I didn't do it intentionally, either. Originally I was going to be MomTwoBoys but it was taken on blogger, so I went with an "A". Worked out well since I think it makes more sense AND it jumps me to the top of the list! Whoo hoo!

LaskiGal said...

You know, this is like the strategy businesses use in the phone book--That's why you have AAA Cleaners or AAA Insurance Company.

I check out my reader in a very similar way! And, you are right! The M's are often overlooked!

Great post and I SOOOOOO get it!


Courtney said...

This was funny once again. I'm sorry your m's get overlooked. I always read from a down so my bottom suffers if anyone does (usually noone does since I usually have nothing to do at work.)

Lisa said...

Tell Reid I hope they win too ;)
So many mmmmmssss but what about a v blog roll ---full of the VIPs!

Angie said...

i think I might add an asterick to the the front of KEEP BELIEVING, but then people would keep looking for the footnote. Oh wait, that would be AFTER keep believing and then it would do me no good. Guess I'll have to stay content being RIGHT in the middle.


*there is no footnote here

fullheartandhands mama said...

Wow! That is quite the system. I'm impressed. Who knew that Y's are a good choice for blog titles?

Poor, poor M's. Incidentally, one of the blogs I faithfully read is an M. Maybe I need a longer list!

On a limb with Claudia said...

This is really fun. I added you to my Google reader and low and behold! Look what's here. Good for you for sending a shout out to your friends and blog roll!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

MMMMMM. More blogs to check out.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Because of how I have everything sorted into folders, it's the J's and L's that get neglected for me. It's so sad, really.

Suzie said...

How do you find out how people found you? Do they offer the info. Do you interogate them offer them coffee to chat?

jennifer h said...

I read my list the same way!

Now I think I need to call mine Zee Thursday Drive. Even though it makes me sound like the Count from Sesame Street.

Very funny stuff, girl.

Madge said...

to bad i didn't call it mit's a mad madge world

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I'm cracking up at Jennifer H!

I also alternate between starting at the top or bottom of my blogroll. Sometimes I get wild and start in the middle and work my way up or down. But only when I'm drinking.

laughingatchaos said...

I just whip around and read willy-nilly. Eventually I get to them all...emphasis on "eventually." And now I have some new ones to go check out. Yes, indeed...share your bloggy time management! LOL!
And thanks for the linky. :)

Marlee said...

Okay, how about ZEN Marlee? Oh, wait, that'll have to wait until my kids leave home...

cce said...

So glad that I'm not stuck in the M's of your blogroll. I'd miss hearing from you.
And really, that Reid, he is brilliant. I hope the good guys win too! This applies to all things: politics, American Idol, baseball, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I could go on and on.

Mommy Cracked said...

Dude, I am so not worthy!! Thanks for the mention...brought me a little traffic today! yay!! My M blogs get neglected too sometimes. I need to start reading from the middle more often.

Sandy C. said...

Ok...I may seriously consider changing my blog to 'Sandisodes' or 'A-Momisode" :)

Thanks so much for the linkage and having me on your blogroll!

Loralee Choate said...

I totally understand being left in the middle. Sometimes in school the teachers took pity on kids and would start at the end of the alphabet.

Since my last name was Mitchell, this made jack difference to me. In the sixth grade, my teacher said that she wanted to give the other kids not at the first or end of the alphabet a chance to be in a different order.

So? She went by first names.

Yah. Because moving up from "M" to "L" was such a big leap. ;)

baby~amore' said...

thanks for the mention.I love your blog.

I do the same thing some days I start at A and others Z (well actually I have no Z blogs)

My middle order blogs get a bit neglected too.

Great suggestions too but too late boo hoo.

Amy said...

That is it! I am pulling a Huckdoll and renaming my blog! I'm not sure what I am going to call it but, it will start with the letter A or better yet the number 1.

(mumbling to self) stupid M titled name. stupid, stupid, stupid.

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