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Potluck: Chevys, Chickens and a Penny

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It is Monday. Yes, it is.
It is Potluck. Yes, it is.

For today's potluck I am NOT serving jello or anything with baked beans and I am ONLY eating what Angie brought in an attempt to help her work through some of her potluck issues:

"Someone please explain why and how jello ever became a food, let alone a food that someone deemed a potluck necessity.
Also, how many different baked bean dishes can be found at ONE potluck on any given day? baked beans with bacon, baked beans with chili, baked beans with garbonzo thrown in, baked beans in a pot, baked beans in a crock, baked beans... Save us!
I don't really love potlucks, honestly. Everything starts to taste the same AND I can't bear the embarrassment of my dish being shunned"
So, please everyone show Angie some potluck love and let's send her home with an empty dish.

And now for a short story entitled:
A sign that Holly's boys might be playing too many video games:

We have been going for a walk almost every evening. In our neighborhood there are no sidewalks so we walk a short distance down a well traveled road to a path. There are strict Nirvana rules about holding hands with an adult on this road. Last night Reid was a little disgruntled with the hand holding rule and said, "I don't want to hold your hand. I have enough lives left (to get run over by a car)."
Note to self: Maybe Tom and Jerry isn't such a good idea either.

This week I had a match made in Google heaven. A dear reader (and if this person is not a regular reader now...I give up. Really, what is a blogger to do?) Googled "fruit bowl + picture" and landed here at the Nirvana. To that dear reader I say WELCOME and see you every Monday for fruit bowl updates.

What is up with Holly's coccyx?

A little relief in the coccyx department. Three out of three yoga sessions attended this week. Sitting with less donut necessity. Progress...

Yeah! Let's find out who is Peep of the Week!

This week there is a tie for Peep of the week. Ya'll (I can say that 'cuz I am from Texas) have elevated your comment game. I just couldn't decide, but narrowed it down to these:

In response to last week's moving Potluck 80's ballad...oh, here is a little bit of it so you can hum along...
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about potluck
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about potluck
Do you still dream about potluck

Jill Jill Bo Bill had this comment:
"How weird! I thught I was the only one that found out about Potluck in the back seat of a Chevrolet. I feel much better knowing I am not alone."

And in response to my chicken:

"The egg is red! The egg is red!" --Burgh Baby

Thanks Jill and Burgh! You share the title of Peep of the Week.

Which is a nice transition to a new potluck feature:
Chicken picture of the week

Wow. That isn't ever going to get old...

You have made it through the intro.
You have made it through the food line.
You have made it through the short story.
You have made it through the search engine crap.
You have made it through the coccyx report.
You have celebrated with Jill and Burgh.
You have made it through the new feature.
You totally deserve:

What is in Holly's fruit bowl?

One sprouting potato and a copper penny left over from last week.

Happy Monday everyone.

May you experience this Monday like it is in the back of a Chevrolet...


jill jill bo bill said...

So, as Peep of the week do I get the sprouting potato or the penny? Hmmmmm, which will I choose?! Thanks for the honor. Really. And I will make sure EVERYONE knows not to mess with me this week because I AM PEEP OF THE WEEK. YES!!!!(giant pelvic thrusts)Thanks, girl.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Oh man I sound so BITCHY in my comment about potlucks. I still stand by it, though.

Love the photo of the DS game playing. I could have taken that photo on almost any given day, too, for about .5 seconds before they started to BRAWL (It's MY TURN) (He's sitting TOO CLOSE and MADE ME DIE) (He's WATCHING ME and it makes ME DIE) etc..


ShallowGal said...

Chicken picture of the week. Imagine the google hits from that one.

xoxo, SG

PS: In the spirit of full disclosure, I totally ripped off your fruit bowl today.

Suzie said...

Ooh video games are evil. Can I have the penny?

Angie Ledbetter said...

What a way to start off the week! I love this place. Cutest chick pic I've ever seen. "What's kickin', chicken?"

Eudae-mamia said...

I ended up marrying my potluck in the back of a Chevrolet - his parent's 1976 Chevy van - oh yeah, red (faded to orange) carpet, even on the walls.

I figured he had nowhere to go but up.

How cute, the chicken has a chicken - he looks like he's under coop arrest.

Happy Monday, indeed!


Mommy Cracked said...

Nothing like your potluck to get my Monday morning started! LOVE the pic of the kids playing video games!

the planet of janet said...

so... let me get this straight. the red egg hatched?

Valarie said...

Can you please teach him the chicken dance and video him doing it. If you loves us you will do it. :)

BOSSY said...

Oooooh, in the back of a Chevrolet. Bossy hopes that's a 1950something Chevrolet, and not one of the new economy-sized numbers.

spinning in our own direction said...

OMG!! He looks so much like Ryan in that last pic I had to look twice..

Brittany said...

I love the chicken of the week pics!!!

Colleen said...

I ♥ the new chicken feature!

And I left a little somethin' for ya over at my blog.

Angie's Spot said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To become a regular feature in the potluck each week.

Too cute!

Manic Mommy said...

I too have had some potluck in a Chevy. In fact it was a Chevette. I recommend reclining the front seats rather than the back.

Where have you potlucked?

Fiesty Charlie said...

I sure needed to be here on your blog today... I am leaving with a big grin, and for that my fellow Texan, I thank you!

I started the art piece with the strips you mailed back... go take a look and let me know your thoughts.

It is NOWHERE near completed, but off to a good start. All the strips were used and I say thanks for the inspiration and for a focal point.

Holy Crappers said...

i didn't find you through google. Found you through Miss LeShallowGal who BTW has some fabulous fruit bowls.


Anonymous said...

I love how the costume is seasonal and could be acceptable at Easter or Halloween. Of course this little peep probably enjoys it all year long! It brings to mind a 45 record I had as a child called, The Sky is Falling AKA Chicken Licken. Henny Penny would shriek, "The sky is falling" after an acorn fell on her head. Maybe you could incorporate some theatre into your day by allowing all three boys to act out this Aesop fable. The other two could be Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy. It may even prompt the boys to reconsider all the video game monopolization of their time. Can't you just hear their rationalization, "Mom, Nintendo is not what it's cracked up to be!" No pun intended. Or maybe they'll decide X-box is for the birds. Oh stop me.
But I am with Valarie who said to get him to do the Chicken Dance. That would be a HOOT! (Oh, no, I can't stop) Of course you could find a duck suit and bring back DISCO DUCK. Waddle I think of next?
Can't figure out how to comment on here, as I am blog challenged. Have a eggceptionally wonderful day. -Laura H.

Weaselmomma said...

Stalker Alert---stalker leaving a comment---- Funny stuff today. Do your boys kick it old style with Frogger or what? And Monday's in the back of a chevy, makes me miss high school.

Burgh Baby said...

OMG, so can I have the red egg for being Peep of the Week? Cause I love me some red eggs.

I really need to remember to bring some fruit salad to the potluck in the future. This craptacular faux carrot cake cake crap I'm eating is not cutting it. At all.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Zany. Truly zany.

Stimey said...

I am here from Shallow Gal. I admit to being slightly confused. But I also admit to being intrigued. Like you, I have three boys, and while none of them dresses up like a chicken, one of them spent the entire last year going to preschool dressed as a duck.

Ron Davison said...

what are you going to do when the boys on the couch learn that TV screens are not usually that small?
And, I can only say that I'm relieved to hear about the coccyx relief. One day, some regular reader is going to win a scrabble game for no other reason than the fact that you keep this word alive in our daily conversations. Now if only I played scrabble.

Roger said...

I'm really lost on the whole back of a chevrolet thing, care to enlighten me? I mean I had a Subaru, so you understand, right?

Cute chicken picture part duex, dare you go for a trois? Will Rhett go for it? (That is Rhett, right?) Has he started asking for money yet? If not, I hope he reads this comment. :)

Happy Monday.

Petra said...

I absolutely love that your kid said he has enough lives left to get hit by a car. My kid would also say something like that, but he might be referring to having nine lives like he is a cat. He is a bit strange, that one...

Elaine A. said...

All I have to say is that I sure hope that all the people that were at Angie's potluck took some Beeno before AND after they ate at that one. I mean WOAH!

Sorry I am late to the potluck, it's been a day!

Rachel said...

Dearest Texas Holly,

your coccyx is better
your chicken looks stressed
and your fruit bowl is sprouting

yep, fall has officially arrived.

Much love and fun in the back of a Chevrolet.

JCK said...

Doesn't the back of a minivan count anymore?

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