It's MONDAY! You know what that means...POTLUCK!
Go Monday.
Go Monday.
It's your potluckday.
It's your potluckday.
Go Monday.
Go Monday.
It's your potluckday...

Today's potluck is all about the buzz of "The New Media". There has been lots of wise women blogging on this topic lately. And you know me, I can't refrain from jumping on a bandwagon. C'mon...there's a band!

I first would like to make some observations about the "old media". Wow. That doesn't sound so good. Wouldn't want to be them. They really should try branding that better. Where was I? Oh yeah, observations. These are some random observations by me, part of the new media (yeah) about commercials currently showing on the old media (boo):

*I don't know if anyone can answer this question but it has been burning a hole through my brain (not hot enough for me to Google, but warm enough to mention it here)...Does anyone know the last phrase in the Silk shaving lotion jingle? This is what it sounds like: Looks like, feels like, TASTES like real silk. I am assuming that the TASTES like real silk isn't what they were going for because really, who eats silk? And I really don't want my arm pits and legs tasting like silk after I shave.
*Blog-Stedman brought my attention that the new Skechers commercials for kids are using what he thinks is my life philosophy as their tag line: Look cute. Have fun.
*I am going to use capital letters here because it requires emphasis. WHAT IS WITH THE OVERLY GRAPHIC COMMERCIALS PROMOTING MEDICAL SOLUTIONS TO MALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION ISSUES? I have had it with these. Thanks for the education. I don't recall signing my KIDS up for your class. The whole "birds and bees" talk is now unnecessary because the boys have been exposed to these commercials... That is all I am going to say. But I could say more. MUCH. MORE.

To help erase those images out of your is time for everyone's some people's a few people's a dear reader's Holly's favorite new Nirvana feature:
Sweet Potatoes. Top that Old Media.

I laughed REALLY hard at Betsy's shopping trip with her husband.

Last week I was working on some interior design art projects that were installed on Friday. I was worried about them. All my creative power had been channeled in that direction which explains My Friday verbal jump off the blog bridge. Thank you for all your sweet words. I am good. This is one of the things that I came up with in real life:

These are nine 2 ft. x 2 ft. canvases hanging in a playroom. In person it is yummy in scale taking up an entire wall. One of my client's boys had voiced that pink was his favorite color. Mine too. I think this allowed pink into the room in a very manly way.

You might want to head over to The Blissfully Domestic Baby Shower in honor of Fussy. She is due pretty hurry!

In an effort to get with the "new media" program, I am analyzing trends of the trendsetters who use the new media. This week I received 9 people who googled, "1479b8c8b6afd4ed1117dbbb5aa15b456f7f26756fbd9ffa". Wow. I have never thought of googling random numbers and letters. Good for you trendsetters. You have really earned that name. I am just proud to be the recipient of your trendy traffic. And to prove how worthy I am for such trendy traffic, I received one dear reader who googled, "thank you for participating in the potluck". No, really thank you.

See, here at the "new media" we are able to ebb and flow to the public's needs instantly. Try that Old Media. Try getting a thank you for YOUR potluck. Oh, you don't have a potluck...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That reminds me of my daughter's (beautiful) soccer coach's philosophy. "You have to look good to play good." I didn't have the heart to point out that it should be "play well." As in and adverb modifying a verb, not a noun modifying a verb . . .

I digress; yours is a great philosophy!

Courtney said...

I do not want to be part of the old media either, but I don't have potlucks so I guess I kinda am, huh?

Colleen said...

Thanks for visiting my weekly winners - I've now been sucked into reading your blog. :O) Lovely pics this week and congrats on getting the transformer from one "thing" into another. We currently have two that are "somethings" - neither car nor...whatever the hell they were supposed to transform into in the first place. I'll be back!

Lisa said...

Seeing as I have no clue what the old or new media is, does that make me old media?

What does silk taste like?!

Suzie said...

Sweet potatos. I dont think they're a fruit but go crazy Holly its your fruit bowl.

Meg said...

Okay..I am sooooo out of it when it comes to old media vs. new media...all I know is your blog is addicting and YOU my dear are one of the "trendiest" women out there!

Love Mondays at your place!

Elizabeth said...

Love the tire prints. My Daughter said "Cool!". I like your stream of consciousness writing...Potluck is good for the soul...just roll with it.

I am with you on the "E.D." commercials, what I want to know is..why do so many adults have side by side bathtubs OUTDOORS?
I mean, REALLY!
We don't watch very much broadcast TV anymore...partially because of these 'Wonderful' moments.
Unfortunately, we are all football fans & can't always avoid "old Media" collisions!
Pax, EJT

Greta said...

Ok, if you could do that print in ponies and unicorns, I am ALL over them ;)

Also...I totally google random numbers and letters. It's all secret-like, but it's slowly helping me take over the world.

Mylhibug said...

I always enjoy watching a football game, only to be interrupted by commercials talking to me about ED. Personally, I am disturbed by the side effects of all the medicines I hear/see on the radio/television. Why take something that will cause you to have diarhea and runny noses and a wide variety of other fun crap.

I digress... No, I don't really. Just being me. :)

Okay, back to work.

Sadie said...

*lol* As always your potluck is amusing as heck!! Thanks for the giggles!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Dude, if you are interested in new media - you should subscribe to Seth.

No, I don't mean Adam and Eve's third son - sheez.

Seth Godin ( the marketing genius of new media - and a truly great guy. I buy his books by the 10s and have read his blog for longer than I want to admit.

Love the design projects - you have a real skill there!

How's yoga?

Mommy Cracked said...

Dude, I am so impressed with your canvases! They look amazing! Great potluck! Best I've been to in a while!

Jennifer H said...

That art installation looks great! (I've just wanted to say art installation ever since Carrie moved to Paris with Aleksandr on Sex and the City.)

Enough with the ED commercials. Besides, I'm convinced that the women in the commercial are secretly going, "Crap, does there have to be a drug for EVERYTHING?" :-)

Great potluck!

Anonymous said...

maybe you should change the contents of the fruit bowl each week...kinda pot luckish, no?

frogpondsrock said...

Yay for New Media.. Yay for sweet potato.. Yay for Holly..

I always wanted to do the cheerleader thing.. I was a mouseketeer once. does that count..

sorry I was off on a tangent there.
xxx Kim

cce said...

I'm with those who dig the Warhol-esque pop art tires on the playroom wall. That's a groovy play room, that's a lucky boy who likes his pink and his automobiles. Thanks for the potluck, really, thank YOU.

Betsy Bird said...

It's not just that they run commercials about ED and overgrown prostates when younger kids are still awake. It's that those commericals too often involve a bunch of guys hanging around with a bunch of other guys, all smiling like morons. I mean seriously -- who in her right mind would want to sleep with a guy who spends his free time playing "Viva Viagra" out in an empty barn in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of simpletons? Why don't they just go home and get on with it?

Love your Warhol tires. And thanks for the plug!

LaskiGal said...

OK. So, you know what I notice about those commercials---you know, the dysfunctional organ commercials?

Why is it after the thing that happened that prevented them from, well, you know, getting busy with their little lady is done/over/gone, why are they always seen walking on a beach, or in a shopping mall, or eating? I mean, hasn't it already been 4 hours since they took their little pill??? I'm just always confused.

the planet of janet said...

i'm think i'm more like ancient media...

Queen Mommy said...

Love the tires. Love the pink. Very manly.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Egads the ED commercials. You simply cannot watch sports anymore without a few dozen of those. It must be a pretty rampant problem. Now I just pictured it.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Love it as usual.

Ditto on the stinking commercials!

JCK said...

I may not get here on time, but I always get here for your Monday Potluck! :) Too cute as usual.

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