Happy Potluck day everyone. It is Monday! Can I get a whoop whoop? OK, if you aren't up to that, just lift up your hands and raise the roof a bit...

Today I am calling in the ice cream truck for treats:
We spent an absolutely perfect day at the park this weekend that ended with a visit from the ice cream truck. It doesn't get much better then sticky minivan seats and blue dyed hands and mouth. Oh, and the blue Popsicle pops also had random gumballs lodged throughout. Perfect to feed your 2 y/o in the car. Can I get a whoop whoop? OK, if you aren't up to that, just lift up your hands and raise the roof a bit...

The ice cream truck thing might make up for this hypothetical occurrence:
Would it be hypothetically wrong for a hypothetical mother to hypothetically lock her hypothetical three children out on the hypothetical back porch for a hypothetical moment of silence and hypothetically photograph it? Just a hypothetical question...

Since there aren't any major tree decorating holidays in the near future, let me just share what happened here the other day:
Merry Construction!

Yeah! It's time for another installment of...
I have been feeling a little guilty here at the Nirvana for mocking how my dear readers arrive. That is wrong. It shouldn't matter how you get here. You are here now and that is what matters. On the other hand...
1. If you googled, "pictures of Joan Cleaver", I am so sorry that you didn't find any of those. Might I suggest you mean June?
2. If you googled, "nude Easter bunny waking", I would email Google up ASAP and file a complaint. Google should know better then to send you here.
3. If you googled, "put down the cleaver", my answer is yes, please do.
4. If you googled, "fritos on the floor", I know who you are and you might want to check your Google results for any unusual search results regarding a certain Holiday Dog.
5. In a disturbing trend, googling "june cleaver nude" has overtaken googling "june cleaver naked" this week by 5:1. In either case, you know Nirvana policy. That is just wrong.
6. If you googled, "it feels so good to let me show you how I feel" then you are welcome and I am glad to help.

I recently received this from Jerseygirl189:
Thank you so much. I am returning the hug and then passing this award on to:

The Nirvana was graced with this from: Tootsie Farklepants:
Thank you! I think you are super, duper excellent in a NC-17 way and will pass this award on to:
Momo Fali
Mommy Cracked
Greta and Kiki
Queen Mommy

KEEP BELIEVING sent the following bling my way:
Angie's blog is incredibly inspirational. She can put my petty stuff in perspective in a matter of sentences. Please, please add her hubby, Brian to your prayer list. Thank you for the tiara. I am wearing it now and passing it on to:

I have to share a moment of successful mommyhood. Ryan(7) said this to me the other day, "I guess it is better then nothin'". WOW! I know to most that wouldn't mean much, but to have those words come out of Ryan who has been a give him an inch he will take 5 miles while debating the merits of taking another 105 miles and then declaring that he won't even take the inch next time unless he is guaranteed the additional 105 miles kinda boy since birth, this is major. MAJOR!

Oh! A few more days left to get your name into my very first give away. Click here and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Jenny Gardiner's book "Sleeping With Ward Cleaver"!

So there you have it. Today's potluck. I guess it was better than nothin'. Can I get a whoop, whoop? OK, if you aren't up to that, just lift up your hands and raise the roof a bit...


Greta said...

Awwww, our first major award! Thanks. Can I get a leg lamp w/ that? No? Too much? It's all good.


Sadie said...

Great googly-moogly!! June Cleaver Nekkid is what I searched for...it didn't show up? Crazy crazy. *lol*

And locking the kids on the porch, theoretically - not a have bad idea, theoretically. It's not like they're in theoretical danger, they aren't out of your theoretical sight, they are just theoretically out where you cannot hear them so that you can have blissful theoretical peace.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hypothetically, I would totally have done that when my kids were little. Now, I just leave--another upside of teenagers.

Congrats on all your well-deserved awards.

Rachael said...

Thanks for the bling. I will inform my family that my tiara and I are Princess for the Day.

Love the Merry Construction Tree!

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

I for one applaud you for the lock-out. Sometimes ya just gotta lock the door for a minute, ya know? congrats on the awards--the tiara is especially spiffy ;-)

Courtney said...

I hypothetically love the fact that you hypothetically locked your kids out for a hypothetical moment of silence...Genius!

Angie said...

This pot luck was very satisfying, but I find myself secretly wishing someone would have brought the ILLSA dish, good thing the "who googled this" side was oversized and especially filling today.

BTW Thank you thank you thank you for the mention and for the "Iloveyouthismuch award."


cce said...

I lock my kids out every now and again and usually their father and the damn dog with them. Now how is it that you are just raking in the awards, like every week? Makes for a pretty special potluck with all that love being thrown around.

Jennifer H said...

Excellent potluck. I hypothetically considered locking Girl outside this morning at 4:00 when she started crying (crying! at 4:00 AM!) about the stuffed cat I wouldn't buy her yesterday at Marshall's.

Don't even get me started on what happened at Marshall's and after.

Congratulations on all your awards. You deserve every one. And thank you so much for the award you shared with me!

Suzie said...

Sniff sniff I don't want your stupid award anyway! Don't mind me I'll just sit in the corner and cry.

On a limb with Claudia said...

We live in one of those "quaint" 100 year old neighborhoods where the houses are "close". Last weekend, I heard the Mom (2 houses away) groan at the sound of the ice cream truck then say, "no, no, no" while the boys cheered.

I laughed.

Not at her, mind you. Never AT her. ;)

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Oh, thank you Holly for my awesome bling. Much obliged. I was waiting to see you break out Mommy's markers!

Amy said...

Hypothetically, my mom locked me and my brother outside every day of the summer. Hypothetically, I turned out ok and so did he.

Amy said...

I should probably add...
I was amused by the photo of your boys and I do think it is okay from time to time.
My mom suffered from depression and really should of seeked help rather than shutting us outside because she could not cope all summer long. Although my brother and I did turn out just fine, I don't have a particularly close relationship with my mom, as we didn't spend any quality time together when I was growing up.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Blue popsicles with gumballs inside? Tools of the devil, right there. Wrong on top of wrong on top of just plain evil.

Nap Warden said...

Congrats on your awards Chicky!

Kellan said...

Merry Construction - ACK!!!!! That was funny! Congrats on all the great awards - see ya - Kellan

A Mom Two Boys said...

Oh, gee, gosh, shucks, I'm an idiot. What a fool I am. I was getting all "Gee, why doesn't anybody love me anymore because nobody but Holly comments?!" and now I've been give TWO awards in a matter of days! You rock, my friend.

Oh, and the ice cream truck. I heard it the other day and told Dylan, who was SO excited, because HI a TRUCK of ICE CREAM and then it totally didn't come down our street. Bummer.

And also...I totally just commented RIGHT UNDERNEATH you at Playgroups. Her haircut is Adorable isn't it? Jealous.

And finally, in closing, I think I've just created a complete blog post if you add together this comment and the comment I left for Jen at Playgroups. Ha. I'm awesome.


laughingatchaos said...

No, not evil for locking them out...just passing along a damned good idea. :)
Gumball popsicles...evillllll....
And...and...when they turn 7 they stop trying to take those miles? Do they also slow down on the nonstop freaking arguing/negotiating? Because if not, he'll be lucky to see 8. ;)

the planet of janet said...

gumballs. popsicles. a moment of silence. naked june cleavers.

whoop whoop!

Momo Fali said...

Aw!! Thanks so much! You made my day!

frog ponds rock... said...

Whoop! whoop! whoop! that certainly is better than nuthin..

cheers kim..

MoscowMom said...

I love your hypothetical locking out and "Merry Construction" :-)

That's a HUGE milestone Ryan reached! Congrats to you all!

Thanks for the bling!

JCK said...


Favorite thing...construction vehicle decorations in the tree. Absolutely the most darling thing ever! (Have GOT to buy a digital camera...)

Thank you SO much for the linky love!!

fullheartandhands mama said...

I was just joking with my friend about locking, um, I mean, sending the kids outside for some fresh air. It had nothing to do with me needing a moment of peace, nope not at all, not one little bit.

Purple Teacup said...

That's is a big deal for Ryan....=) hurray!

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