Yes, Friends of Nirvana the bondage called Blog365 has been broken. Holly is now free to blog at her own pace. Let's all circle around, join hands and have a little Kum by Ya chorus. Oh, I am so kidding....I did end the Blog365 madness, but I am really not a touchy person so forget the circle, the hand holding and the chorus. Let's just shout with a joyful voice because today is...*drum roll*...

Potluck day!

Today's extravaganza of extraordinary freeness will be held in a field of daisies on a red checkered table cloth. My seven children will sing Do-Re-Mi followed by an elaborate puppet show three children will delight you with knock knock jokes that all end in "orange you glad..." followed by some bathroom humor that will get them sent to their rooms for time-out which will give us some peace and quiet for the potluck.

In honor of my lovely Saturday night out with fellow bloggers, I am providing food from the nice Italian restaurant where we met:
(Left to right: Me, Lisa, TX Poppet, AFF and Elaine)
We really didn't sit all in a row like we were on a blog panel. I also didn't forget my camera, but like 99% of all photos taken of eyes are closed. It was a really fun evening. These girls are very funny. It was a bonus to find out that Lisa was thrilled to ride in the minivan of death that looks like a boat from above.

As you know, I have had some issues with Google. Some recent Google searches have ended here terribly wrong. BUT today I am singing the praises of the search engine powerful because it sent me someone who searched, "cute kids pictures with great expressions". Good Google. Good Google.

Another momentous moment in Nirvana-Google history also occurred with the search of the word "horridity" which I invented a few months ago and proclaimed:
"*I realize this is not a word, but someday someone will Google it and find this and use it and then another and another and someday you will use it with full knowledge that you heard it here first."
--Holly, January 2008

Well, this week it happened! Someone searched my word "horridity" and ended up at the Nirvana. In research for this highly researched post, I found that I am the second site that comes up for "horridity". I am right after the UrbanDictionary which has listed it for years...crap. Crapicity. Yep, that one is mine. Take that UrbanDictionary. Oh, and Google I better be listed FIRST when the "crapicity" search comes around.

It has come to my attention that my floor was complaining about me. Ixnay the itchingbay or I am buying a bird:
This is what Jenny came home to yesterday after being away from home for a few days (and her kids weren't even home yet). Thank God she had the blogger presence to snap a picture before cleaning it up.

Let's revisit the hypothetical mother who hypothetically locked her hypothetical three children on the hypothetical back porch for a hypothetical moment of silence:

This picture sums up the hypothetical children:
The oldest stands at the door complaining and screaming.
The middle child sits down waiting patiently for change.
The youngest takes action attempting to break back in the house.

Ryan asked today while chomping down on a drumstick, "If this is part of the chicken's leg, what is he walking on?"

And this joyful potluck will end on this life is grand moment:

Welcome home cousin Benjamin...


TX Poppet said...

I look skinny in the picture! Bless you, this makes you my best friend forever! Excuse me now while I go post it on my refrigerator. Thanks for adding so much to a great evening out.

On a limb with Claudia said...

As the official middle child of the world, I will tell you that your middle child is not waiting patiently for anything. He is smuggly not letting you get the upper hand. Yep - that's how evil we are. ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Blogger pals in the real world . . . too much fun.

Sadie said...

As always, your potluck was a joy!

And lucky you meeting such a blogger as TXPoppet...*G* Glad you guys had fun!!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Whew! Good to know you ladies weren't sitting like that. I was feeling intimidated; like one would at a parole hearing or something.

And how sweet is that last picture?!

JCK said...

Ahh...blogger nirvana. I heard it was fun. I've yet to see pictures. Everyone claims...something lame. Come ON!

And that last picture...too precious.

baby~amore' said...

The last image is so cute. Oh crapicity - I love it - describes my day sometimes.
You are hilarious I love your drawings/

InTheFastLane said...

What part is the chicken walking on...snort...hee hee. Gotta love kids.

Beth said...

Crapicity is a great word but I still love craptastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm still loving craptacular. But, you've got a good one yourself. I think you need to spring for the bold & pastel markers to add a bit of posh to the pictures...but I'm glad I don't look like a poodle. Thanks for that.

Rachael said...

Potluck was delish today.

I love the three hypothetical children's birth order descriptions. When we had three, they fit those descriptions to a "T" too.

And, congrats on your new nephew. We heard a little something about him on Sat. at lunch. Which reminds me...Somebody has provided me with a picture of teenage Holly and some other young people I might know on a beach, in swimsuits! To post, or not to post? (Just so you know, this isn't's a pretty cute picture! hehe).

fullheartandhands mama said...

Your potlucks keep getting better and better.

Still love that hypothetical picture!

frog ponds rock... said...

Crappicity.. yep that is truly a really cool word..I bow down to your greatness..

heheheheh *skips away chanting crappicity crappicity*

oops now was that one p or 2??

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

I've missed visiting here while I was away! Love "crapacity". My friend Kim coined the term "crapisode" --that would be when kid smears, well, you know...

I am honored that my bird-from-hell has made June Cleaver Nirvana! I must tell readers I had cleaned up the poop before taking the picture ;-)

Youngest threatened me this morning: Mom, don't EVER go away again!

It's nice to be loved. Or is that missed?

Lisa said...

I want that pic as my new profile--no wrinkles, bags, zits, puffiness (not that I have any of that lol)
What's with the bird--that pic should be a weekly winner!
WELCOME BENJAMIN! You'll love it here :)

Courtney said...

Potluck is as funny as always and I'm glad someone googled your word. I'm sure you'll be #1 on the crapicity. That last image is so sweet!

Kalynne Pudner said...

"--ity" is the suffix of the gods. It creates nouns where there was no noun before; how divine is that?

That bird is Jenny's? I'll bet it was getting ready to write something with all that chalk.

Oh, yeah...I came to tell you I gave you an award you don't already have. You can read about it at my blog, but you need to pick it up at Damama's, because I'm too stupid to get it to actually appear.

Madge said...

"if this is the chicken's leg what is he walking on? "

this is my favorite of all.

also love the photo of the kids at the door.

Momo Fali said...

I think you are quite an artist (pronounced ar-TEEST). I like The Last Supper look.

And, the baby! Oh goodness, I could eat him up! It almost makes me want to have another one. Almost.

Greta said...

Crapicity, crapisode...lovin' em both. I also get crappitude from my kids when they need help with the butt-wiping and I don't get there fast enough.

Angie said...

How did you answer the chicken leg? Is he a vegetarian now?


Christine @ Serenity How? said...

Ooooohhhhhh....crapicity. I thought you wrote Crap City, which is my kids' bathroom right now LOL!

Run awaaaayyyy!

Seriously, I love the word and you should get full credit for it no matter what. I also like craptastic and craptacular, but those may have been taken already.

Hope you enjoy your new found freedom! :)

Jennifer H said...

"...what's he walking on?" Heh. So funny.

What a great blogger get-together! And that last photo is very sweet.

cce said...

This Potluck was full of good stuff and I'm here to say sorry about not getting full credit for horridity. I think I made up a word today: gelatinouity which is not a word unless one lives in Kentucky and eats things called scrapple.

Elaine A. said...

Thanks for making my hair look so cute in the picture!

That is one darn cute last picture... AWWWW!

the planet of janet said...

i'm grooving on craptitude, myself ;-)

but it's only because i'm jealous of your bloggy party.

g said...

wow, what a great blog!!

thanks for visiting mine! I am not worthy!!!

Glennis from Topanga (g)

Kellan said...

I love the picture of you having dinner with the girls - what fun!!! The other photos are great too! Take care- Kellan

Anonymous said...

Success! The cutie pies made me smile and I googled "crapicity" and you were at the top of the list. Watch out world...Holly's got her groove back!

Happy Campers said...

OK...the parrot picture made me take pause. I thought "Holly has THREE boys, and now she added an insane PARROT?" But then I read whose picture it was. ha!

And doesn't seeing Rhett hold a baby make you want another? 'Cause even numbers are way better. bwahahahahaha

Lynn Pritchett said...

Found your website googling potluck and tagline. Interesting reading...thanks!

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