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Monday Potluck - Late Edition

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Let's greet Monday with a smile today!

;) *smile* :)

That last ":)" may have been a little much - thank God I don't have emoticons.

Hi Monday :)!

Make me stop!


And now for a series of photos followed by a story...

Rhett has taken an interest in golfing due to Ryan's interest in golfing. He grabbed Reid's bag of clubs the other day while I was working with Ryan on his swing. He is a born caddy - file information for future use - and brought the clubs over to where Ryan and I were playing. He then threw a full blown tantrum because the bag he was using didn't have a bag stand built-in. Temperamental caddy - file that information for future use. He finally calmed down and pulled out the driver.

He approached the ball.

Took one swing.


And threw his club about 50 yards.

Nice. I guess golf rage starts at age 3.

My favorite searches that had readers Nirvana-bound this week:

1. "4 steps to nirvnana"

2. "a funny story about Heidi"

3. "awesome sails for pogo sticks"

That pogo stick sail thing is awesome in itself.

What is up with Holly's Coccyx?

Ugh. Just ugh.

Let's find out who is Peep of the Week!

This week's Peep is easy...
The comment was so funny that other commenters were lobbying for her return as Reigning Peep.

In response to Just 11 to go: The binky addiction story:

We always gave our patients jonesing from withdrawals cigarettes. I am thinking maybe you should do something else. Lighters are dangerous and playing with matches make you wet the bed.

Congrats Jill Jill Bo Bill. I am completely following your sage advice.

Which brings me to this week's button:

What is in Holly's fruit bowl?

The light went out again. Seriously. We are back to the dark ages of fruit bowl reporting.

A bunch of green bananas and one near rotten one.

May your day get off to a quicker start than mine...


Natalie said...

i think i will cry if you ever retire the fruit bowl. for some odd reason it's one of my favorite things about potluck. i'm just saying. maybe i need to get out more.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I haven't eaten a thing all day--I've been waiting for potluck. I'm starving!

hip chick said...

Oh I love picnik!! Thank you so much for mentioning it! I know this isn't really potluck related...but it is pot luck after all, so you never really know what you are going to get.

Sarah said...

He threw the club that far? He definitely has a uture golfing career!! The farther you throw your clubs - the farther your golfing career can go!!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Will you write another stick figure story about the guy who comes to fix the light THIS time!?!?

Love you Miss Holly! I don't know if I say this to you - but you're a gift to me.

the planet of janet said...

perhaps rhett actually has a future as a javelin thrower. gotta put those skills to work somehow...

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