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For better or worse is often a statement meant when made.

For better or worse is easily forgotten when it is better.

For better or worse is easily abandoned when it is worse.

That is why the love story of Brian and Angie is so compelling. Brian and Angie were given only a few weeks of better. Brian and Angie lived in love holding each other through almost 12 years of worse. Together they redefined worse into something better.

Something inspirational.


I haven't met Angie in person, but someday I will...even if I have to hunt her down. She is someone I consider a friend. A friend that I wish was closer so I could pop in and make sure she is doing OK.

I wanted to do or send her something to let her know that I am thinking about her. When I was contacted about a potential giveaway for my blog I had an idea...

In Praise of Mom is a LIVE EVENT to celebrate Mother's Day happening in 450 movie theaters across the country on May 5 (with a taped encore on May 6). The companion book celebrating all things motherhood - Dr. Laura: In Praise of Mom is in stores now.

When I told the people at Dr. Laura a small portion of Angie's story they were in full agreement that she should be the recipient of two tickets to the event and a signed book which are in the mail to her now.

As a friend, I hope that a few hours out of the house giggling about motherhood might help. Even if just a little. Besides...it was that better or worse thing that caused the whole motherhood thing.


If YOU would like to enter to win two tickets to the LIVE EVENT and a signed copy of the book In Praise of Mom click over to Burb Mom for a chance to win.


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