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A potluck of varying ripeness

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It is Monday.
Monday it is.

Today's potluck is buffet style for Shannon. She loves buffets, but requests that none of the following are featured:

Lamb, the smell gets me everytime!
Goats milk, goats milk and Karo Syrup!
Black Pudding

I really don't think anyone will be making a big sacrifice accommodating Shannon...

This week it was a delight to look up my searches. The top searches ALL WERE RELEVANT and none described dear June in various forms of undress. Here are the top 10:
1. "june cleaver"
2. "june cleaver nirvana"
3. "pictures of june cleaver"
4. "aquaskipper"
5. "holly's animated life"
6. "80s hair"
7. "june cleaver costume"
8. "june nirvana cleaver"
9. "june cleaver clothing"
10. "frogs in my formula"

*roll to a stop*

"Frogs in my formula"? Yes, "frogs in my formula" was searched not once, twice, three times, but FOUR times this week. Whose baby is Googling that?

What is up with Holly's coccyx?

Last week we took a break from my coccyx to explore how yours was. It seems that a high percentage of my readers have healthy coccyxes or would that be coccyxi? Spell check isn't liking either. Mine is a bit better this week, thank you very much.

Let's find out who is Peep of the Week!

In response to Wednesday's "It's not me, It's Janet":
Oh no! Though I've discovered that grape juice works wonders with constipated babies. So that communion combination was probably divinely inspired, too.

Congratulations Mozi Esme for making me laugh to tears. You are Peep of the Week!

Chicken of the Week:

This week I am presenting the following chicken story instead of a picture. (Whoa, Holly's getting all crazy over here at the potluck...)
Last night Rhett (2) screamed his way into my bed around 1 am. At around 4 am, blog-Stedman woke me up because OUR bed was wet. Nice. So I got Rhett up and took him to the potty and changed his clothes. The whole time he was chattering and telling funny stories and 2 y/o jokes. When we finally were back into a dry bed I mentioned to blog-Stedman that Rhett had been joking and having a good time during our middle of the night adventure. So in the dark at 4:15 am blog-Stedman told the following joke to Rhett, "How do you know a duck is a duck?" *pause* "Two feet!" to which Rhett yelled, "NO DUCK! CHICKEN!" and then giggled himself back to sleep...

What is in Holly's fruit bowl?

A bunch of green bananas AND *bonus alert* a bunch of perfectly ripe bananas.

May your Monday be filled with bananas of varying ripeness...


Terri Tiffany said...

I absolutely love your format!!! Thanks for a fun read!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Good morning! Boot Camp today - what can I say - I'm up and running now.

Forgot to mention earlier, but on Friday I saw an "adult" chicken suit at the local Target. I'm not saying it would be the ultimate proof of your love for Rhett or anything, but...

"No Duck - Chicken!"

I think I will just use that as a catch phrase today. All the cool people will be doin' it.

OK, someone take the coffee away from me.


Eudea-Mamia said...


When I said "adult" I meant "adult-sized" chicken suit - it's not crotchless with ef-me-pumps attached.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Angie Ledbetter said...

This place & your posts always make me smile. Thanks for that.

Burgh Baby said...


Valarie said...

I thought about you the other day as I was watching Napoleon Dynamite for the hundreth time. Have you watched it?? Very random movie. Anyway the grandmother hurt her Coccyx in an ATV accident. I never paid attention to that until now. :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

No chicken picture?? I've been robbed!

Courtney said...

Glad your coccyx is better and who seriously has frogs in their formula? Ok then, hope they found your blog interesting anyway!

Heather said...

Why are kids their most adorable and funniest in the middle of the night? It seems wrong to waste that on groggy parents.

Maggie said...

I found you through AdvofMillMom... Oh the joys of a wet bed at 3am. I can SO relate!!

Frogs in my formula said...

Frogs in my formula is my blog. That is curious. Glad to hear your coccyx is doing well. Thanks for the good banana wishes.

Maggie May said...

how do you look up your searches?

goat milk???

i can't form a coherent sentence. maybe i'll try again later after the expresso kicks in.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Is it horrible to admit I don't get your hubby's joke?

Love that you call him blog-Steadman, btw!

the planet of janet said...

um. i didn't get b-s's joke either. perhaps i too have not had enough caffeine this morning?

there was a pate joke in here too, but i'm too comatose to get at it.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Woo hoo! I've been going thru my blog roll looking for SITS ppl to link to in tomorrow's blogathon. Some silly person convinced me to sign up, and because I have so much spare time, I thought, well, what's one MORE thing! Anyway, I'm throwing you on the list. And what is the deal with "what's the deal with Holly's coccyx"? How did that become part of the continuing saga of Holly?

The Mom said...

I know there is a blog called Frogs in My Formula...hmm?!? Maybe they link to you?!

Beck said...

Eat those bananas right this second before they turn brown! RUN!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I want to add something witty to potluck but I just cannot top frogs in formula ;)

Mandy said...

When my husband and I were in France, I accidentally ordered tripe. I'm still not the same!!

Elaine A. said...

I promise I read the whole post but sort of zoned out after the word HAGGIS. *shudder*

Rachael said...

Coccyxes. Ha! I am smarter than spell check. (Today anyway.) :)

P.S. Bloglines still is refusing to notify me when you've published. What's up with that?! But, I KNOW there will always be potluck on Monday, so I came anyway. Wonder what else Bloglines is not telling me...

On a limb with Claudia said...

I'm glad your coxxy... coccy... ah fuck, I can't spell it. Glad your tail bone is better.


JCK said...

Ah yes...the changing of beds in the early AM. Your husband is amazingly composed telling jokes! What we do for our little ones.

Frogs in the formula? My that is...a little stranger than usual.

Trannyhead said...

How did I miss that I was the recipient of the peep of the week award a few weeks back? Damnit. I need to leave more clever and pithy comments so I can win this award again. Like "God my feet stink" or "I have a great rack." Or maybe just a simple "I'm HAWT, biotches!"

Damnit. Those all played better in my head than they did once I typed them. I guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board.

Ron Davison said...

Holly? Just a favor ... could you get some clips for the chip bags? I know that I'm a day late for the potluck and most everything has been put away .. but it'd be great if the chips had more crisp and less clunk.
And kudos to blog-studman (did I get that right?) for cracking jokes at 4 AM. And really, thinking about it, isn't everything funnier at 4 AM? (Or should I be asking how anything could be funny at 4 AM?)

Suzie said...

Frogs in your formula huh?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We have copasetic fruit bowls this week. I'll bring banana bread to next Monday's potluck.

Jennifer said...

frogs in formula?? wow. i had a dream the other night about giving the girls formula bottles... ugh. thank goodness it was only a dream/nightmare! I wouldn't want to relive formula and diaper days again.

speaking of diapers... who wet the bed?? Rhett (who seems to be getting blamed) you or maybe it was blog-stedman. ;) I know I would pass it off on my kid too... it's okay. I don't judge you.


great post. sorry i have been MIA... we are moving and it is HELL!!


Auds at Barking Mad said...

So glad your coccyx is feeling better. It's a real pain in the ass to have a real pain in the ass, ya know? Nine months after I broke mine in three places it's just now getting around to not being quite the pain in my ass that it's been.

As far as our fruit bowl...apples and bananas. And then more apples. And just for the heck of it, a few more apples.

I swear, we're never going to get rid of all those apples!

usman said...

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~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Love, Luv, LOVE Mondays to come read Potluck. Thank you for starting off the weeks with a witty beginning!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Perhaps the "frogs in my formula" is part of an algebraic equation?

Jennifer H said...


It's great that you're all funny, even at 4 a.m. Why am I not surprised?

Shannon said...

Look how far behind I am! Shame on me! Oh, look I got a potluck just for me! I see it was good too!

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