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Making potluck out of nothing at all

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Yeah Monday!
Yeah Monday!
Yeah Monday!

No food today! A very very wise reader (she has fancy diplomas on her office wall to prove it) pointed out "Wait...the potluck is about food?"* But if you don't tell Kalynne, I will point you in the direction of some snacks...
*If you would like to tell me something NOT to serve at the potluck, I get all my suggestions from the comments of this post.

Here is where Holly fits the word potluck into a popular song from the 80's for no other reason then it makes her laugh (hopefully you didn't miss "I want your potluck"):

I know just how to whisper
And I know just how to cry
I know just where I find the answers
And I know just how to lie
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream
And I know just where I potluck
And I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose

And I know the night is fading
And I know the time's gonna fly
And I'm never gonna tell you you can't potluck
But I know I've got to give it a try

And I know the roads to potluck
And I know the ways to pain
I know all the rules and then I know how to break 'em
And then I always know the name of the game

But I don't know how to leave you
And I'll never let you fall
And I don't know how you do it
Making potluck out of nothing at all

Making potluck
Out of nothing at all
Making potluck
Out of nothing at all
Making potluck
Out of nothing at all
Making potluck
Out of nothing at all
Making potluck
Out of nothing at all
Making potluck
Out of nothing at all

I am so excited. This is a Nirvana first. I think I may have actually answered a Googled question! A dear reader who I hope has become a life-long Nirvana subscriber after the thorough answer I gave to his/her question googled, "I can't get my dog in the car". And then they landed on my "How to get your dog in the car"! A match made in Google heaven.

What is up with Holly's coccyx?


If you need an inflatable dragon slayed with balloon swords, I have just the knight for you:

Let's find out who is Peep of the Week!

Can I just mention that I have a really hard time choosing a Peep each week because quite frankly, people who comment here are FUNNY. And this week since the postponed potluck never materialized, I have TWO weeks of funniness to consider. When I look back I am just amazed that people stop here and comment.

Thanks SO much.

*group hug*

In response to "Why Holly's dentist is better than your dentist":

Ok. You're right. Your dentist is better than mine.--Elaine

and then in response to this picture from that story:

as much as i love (and dream about) holly's animated life posts, i would be remiss if i didn't point out that holly is clearly a young whippersnapper.
otherwise, she surely would have known that the rotary phone numbers go in the OTHER direction.--Janet

Thanks for pointing out holes in my argument, yet forfeiting the debate. Both Janet and Elaine are Peeps of the Week!

*drumroll, please*
What is in Holly's fruitbowl?*
*If you are as much in the dark as my fruit bowl, the "Legend of Bitter Holly" can get you up to date on my fruit bowl situation.

6 pieces of fruit! 2 bananas and 4 oranges (navel)


Marinka said...

Why does Holly have winter fruit, as opposed to summer fruit in her fruit bowl?

Natalie said...

today my fruit bowl contains 5 rotting peaches. i guess i should do something about that!

love the fruit bowl segment of your posts. inspiring, really!

Kiki said...

This was a true goofy pick me up blog surf to juice up my Monday morning.

And DOUBLE balloon swords.. watch out inflatable dragons... you've been served!

Rachel said...

Holy cow. There's food in Holly's fruit bowl!! woo Hoo!

Too bad it wasn't apples and bananas, then I could sing; "I like to eat, I like to eat... apples and bananas" :-)

Happy Monday love.

spinning in our own direction said...

Holy Crap !! there is fruit in your fruit bowl!!! WHat are you trying to do?? Is the univerese coming to an end? EEKK I think i hear trumpets sounding!!

MoziEsmé said...

Any fruit flies? I've got a ton I can ship over to you. Right now they are swarming our dozen avocados, which have all chosen to go ripe at the same time. Maybe because the lighting is even throughout our kitchen. If I had yours, only the left half (or is it right half?) would be ripe.

Making potluck out of nothing at all - that's my goal as I hunt through the cupboards an hour before potluck each week, swearing I'll plan better next week. So deal with the canned beans, people. At least I mix them with ketchup and tater tots. And I don't come empty handed, like some people I know.

Suzie said...

I am so proud of you!!!! Fruit is now in your fruit bowl. The next step is getting the light fixed. I have faith in you and your fruit bowl

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

If I promise to and write you in and vote for you on the ballot in November, can I be peep of the week? Although, we can't let it be known that there was a quid pro quo. What would you do for me, I mean, our country if you were president anyway? Would you promise fruit bowls abundantly overflowing for every American?


stephanie (bad mom) said...

Fruit or no fruit, summer or winter (?), I just say God Bless YOU for getting Air Supply stuck in my brain on a Monday morning...

be well*

Brittany said...

Waaaay more appetizing than my fruit bowl...which merely conatins lint and 4 rusty pennies.

Valarie said...

Wow I amazed that fruit is actually in your fruit bowl. :o

jill jill bo bill said...

I am with Stephanie. I hate you for that, ya know...was that Air Supply? I thought it was a chick. But I was drunk during the 80's, so don't depend on me...

...out of nothing at all...AGGGH!

Headless Mom said...

I'm still focusing on your coccyx. Not because I'm like that, but I just like saying it.

"Coccyx, Coccyx, Coccyx, all the way home." Ha Ha. I crack myself up.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Ha! How did you find the time to write the potluck song?! I don't have time to rhyme two lines ;)

Lizz said...

Oh, you always make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the fruitbowl history. Now I not only feel in the loop, but I'm laughing my ass off.

Burgh Baby said...

Great. Now I am going to be singing that song all day long.

Eudae-mamia said...

Ah, Holly's electrician must work for the same company that sent out Em's A/C guy.

I get a call on my cell at 11:30 stating that the A/C guy sat at my house for 15 minutes, but is now leaving.

I cry: "You guys were supposed to call me 1/2 hour before he showed up."

Dispatch Chick: "We did."

I get home and I have a message from Disptach Chick at 11:15 "We are now dispatching the A/C guy."

Er? You do the math.

Note to Dispatch Chick - time stamps on voice mails are a beeyotch. Now send the guy back out to my house!!!


Angie's Spot said...

You need to warn a girl that there's going to be sing-a-long. I'll try to come prepared next time with my huge crimped bangs and iridescent blue eye shadow.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

This is all so weird. And, I'm begging you, which song from the 80's is it? The refrain seems just familiar enough to keep me up all night, wondering. And you wouldn't do that to a sick woman, would you?

Elaine A. said...

Dangit. I was SO looking for something good to eat over here because all I got around my place is left overs... Oh well..

Peep of the week?! ME?! I'm humbled! Maybe Janet and I should team up more often.

Louise said...

I used to like that "making potluck" song. What does that say about me? Well, maybe it's not saying as much bad about ME for USED to liking it as it is YOU for actually posting it on your website! But it was funny!!!

And Elaine's comment would have made me spit out my coffee, or food, or anything in my mouth if anything had been in my mouth. That is a rare occasion when I'm reading a blog and do not have anything in my mouth, but it was fortuitous this time!

Glad we're back on the potluck schedule!

Manic Mommy said...

Lookin’ for some Pot Luck baby this evenin'
I need some Pot Luck baby tonight
I want some Pot Luck baby this evenin'
Gotta have some Pot Luck
Gotta have some coccyx tonight.
I need Pot Luck
I want some Pot Luck
I need some Pot Luck

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh my god! You have FRUIT in your fruit bowl? I remember other non fruits being in there before.

And call me silly/stupid/ignorant/blind/whatever, but What IS up with Holly's coccyx? I'm not following the updates on that one. What does it all mean?

Confused in California

Kellan said...

I love the numbers going in the wrong direction on the phone - Ha!

Take care - Kellan

the planet of janet said...

i'm a peep!!!! wooot!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Is it weird that I'm kinda disappointed that there is actual fruit in your fruit bowl?

Suzie said...

When your a Nirvana your a Nirvana all the way...dum dee dum

Suzie said...

Sorry I put this in the wrong post... anyway

When your a Nirvana your a Nirvana all the way...dum dee dum

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