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Falling in friendship...

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Much has been written throughout time about love at first sight.

I would like to propose the hypothesis that friendship at first sight is also possible.

To further examine this theory, let's take a trip back in time.

WAY BACK in time. Let's visit the 80s!

In the 80s Holly went to college. In the 80s Holly wore big, bright clothing. In the 80s Holly's hair was well...VERY 80s:

Down the hall a bit in the drab girls' dormitory lived Madge. Madge also went to college. Madge wore dark, poetic clothing. Madge somehow escaped the 80s without all that hair:

At this point Holly didn't know Madge. At this point Madge didn't know Holly. Quite frankly, from the outside looking in Holly and Madge don't have much in common. Quite frankly, most people (including Holly and Madge) wouldn't think they would get along.

Enter random mutual acquaintance of the 80s! She can introduce Holly and Madge. She can bring these two worlds together. She can be Holly and Madge's United Nations:

One Saturday evening in the 80s, random mutual acquaintance of the 80s stopped Madge, Holly and Holly's super cute roomie, Carmen in the girls' dorm hall. She had an invitation to extend to the three of us:

Thanks random acquaintance of the 80s! What a great idea!

You see, despite having all that 80s hair Holly didn't have a date. You see, despite not having all that hair neither did Madge.

We took random acquaintance of the 80s up on her offer and piled into Madge's Toyota Tercel.

Yipeee! We are party bound.

We walked into the party. The U2 concert movie had already begun.

Within moments the U2 concert video seemed very long.

Random acquaintance of the 80s settled into her church of U2 seat.

Where is 80s Holly?

Where is 80s Madge?



Over Doritos Madge and Holly exchanged glances. Over Doritos Madge and Holly discussed the lameness of the movie. Over Doritos Madge and Holly decide to ditch random acquaintance of the 80s...

Stop your judgement now! You would have totally done the same thing.

Random acquaintance of the 80s was still settled into her church of U2 seat.

Where is 80s Holly?

Where is 80s Madge?

Holly and Madge escaped the church of U2 and made a break for the Toyota Tercel.

The Toyota Tercel's tires squealed in delight as they drove away from the party. Well, that might have been Holly.

Madge and Holly found that they had approximately $9 between them. They decided that Burger King might be the best place to spend all that college student cash. Burger King would let them order kid's meals. Burger King's kid's meals would fill their tummies with change to spare:

The kid's meals were served in super cool buckets. The kid's meals contain fries, a small drink and a burgerless burger (don't ask). The kid's meals contain Burger King crowns.

Let's just say the evening has made a turn for the better...MUCH better.

Madge and Holly laughed.

Madge and Holly cried (that is a slight exaggeration, they aren't really the crying kinda girls).

Madge and Holly decided to head back to the girls' dormitory by way of Blockbuster to rent the entire works of Christian Slater.

Quite frankly, Madge and Holly were kinda glad they didn't have dates.

So into the sunset Madge and Holly rode in the 80s Toyota Tercel. Well, not really into the sunset because it was MUCH too late for that, but it was just as poetic.

They took the ride home as an opportunity to cruise "O" Street with the Burger King buckets on their heads.

Really people, the crowns were way too OBVIOUS as a headgear choice:

The end.

Except not really.

That hot date that Holly's super cute roomie had? She married him.

That random acquaintance of the 80s? We have NO idea what happened to her and hope she got home safely from the party.

What became of Madge and Holly? They are still friends after 19 years and would JUMP at the chance to reinact that evening...


JCK said...

I'm at LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with your new blog look! Hey, I leave for a few days and damn if you haven't hotted your fine self up more!

Those kind of Holly/Madge friendships don't come around often. Treasures! And the drawings...stunning per usual!

Jennifer H said...

Madge told me about that night, and I love that you told the story here. The Tercel! O Street! Madge's dark, poetic clothing. The dorm--I still remember the dorm smell.

You know I laughed the whole way through this, and I'm really nostalgic now. I LOVE this story. (And I have a serious craving for Amigo's now.)

(Are the initials of random acquaintance SB?)

Valarie said...

This post is like totally cool! That is awesome that y'all found each other, great friendships are very important. :)

frogpondsrock said...

Great story... *waves Hi Madge*

cheers Kim

fullheartandhands mama said...

Okay, I'm going to try this again.

That was a great story. I have a friend like that from college. We met when we were given free t-shirts for being R.A.s. We had to swap since we each had the wrong size. I'd say becoming friends over Burger King Kids Meals is much more glamorous.

Brenda said...

I didn't know Madge, either. And unfortunately, I didn't have a Random Mutual Acquaintance to introduce us. Her timeless hair always attracted me. I was in love with it! Mine was growing and I always wondered if it would get to the way hers was.

This is a wonderful story! I had no such luck in college. Probably because most of the time I DID have a date. What a waste! The Burger King buckets would have been so much more fun that most of those dates!

Suzie said...

Thats a very nice story and what a great new look for you site. Very very spiffy

Beck said...

Most of my friendships have had those sort of fuzzy beginnings where you just end up friends with someone and I'm kind of clueless how they started. I wish I had a STORY like you guys.

Lisa said...

So funny how the best friendships have such strange beginnings!
Great pics:)

Angie said...

Did you use aquanet? I didn't use aquanet to get my bangs that added 3 inches to my otherwise short stature because that was for the burnouts and white trash in my neck of the woods. No, I used some sort of brand that had a product called Freeze Spray and it required and chisel and a pick axe in the shower with the shampoo each night/morning.

Great story and love the new look. The retro reminds me of 30 minute meals kitchen.


A Mom Two Boys said...

Awww...that's so sweet.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

That's the best story EVER!
I fell in instant frienship in fourth grade...still got her after 23 years. Twue Wuv.

Thanks for sharing!

EatPlayLove said...

So sweet! I remember seeing that U2 movie in the theaters, it was such the rage!

I have ordered burgerless burgers before at McDonalds..


Robin said...

I thought I was the ONLY person that did not worship U2! Can I hang out with you, I adore BK crowns.

Beth said...

Friendships forged over Doritos will last forever!

I miss my 80's hair. Nothing like a perm to give my thin stringy hair big beautiful fluff and bounce. Any chance having a perm will ever be cool again?

Queen Mommy said...

Love it!

Purple Teacup said...

I can't believe you wore Keds! LOL

Laski said...

More please. I just know that the Madge and Holly adventures (with their super cool hair dos and snazzy Tercel) did not end there . . .

Kaye (aka Mrs Nespy) said...

Gotta' love stories like this!

Karen MEG said...

Love these Holly stories, and now am really looking forward to more Holly and Madge tales... after 19 years there's gotta be buckets!!!

dawn224 said...

yeah, my blog reading has been destroyed since google reader explosion 08,

I'm caught up. HRH is in my new shiny Bloglines.

This story rocks. I've missed the Holly illustrations :)

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