Hip Hip Hooray, it's Monday! Today's potluck is super, duper commercialized fun. Blog-Stedman and the two older boys were unsupervised at Target yesterday and came home with this:
Yes, freegans we are not. The official "Pancake Puff Pan Recipe" booklet proudly proclaims, "You will be a hit at your party, when you serve up these delicious pancake puffs, and your guests will love you for it. Now go and have some fun!!" So, while the pancake puff may have a very convincing commercial, they seem to be lacking a writer. (Although I, of all people, can appreciate the need for the double exclamation point.) So....pancake puffs for everyone!!

When you spend $19.99 + tax for pancake puffs, not only to you get the amazing pancake puff pan, you get a pan hand protector (red), a magic potion injector, a shaker of all things that will fit through little holes and...(this is my favorite) the original pancake puff genuine wood flipping sticks. Wow. What a value. All that and the fun that follows...
We turned these ordinary ingredients into batter:Poured the batter into this transformation vehicle:Then this magically appears:The following are actual testimonials from the pancake puff experience:
Ryan(6): "Tastes like pancakes, only better."
Reid(4): "They taste so yummy, I cannot help it."
Rhett(2): "More."
It appears the boys drank the pancake puff kool-aid. What about the adults?
Blog-Stedman: "uh....well."
Me: "shhhh...I'm writing this all down in my blog."

So, count me in for Pancake Puff Tuesdays hosted by Meg. I bet Angie would participate too.

I wish you had a scratch and sniff screen on your computer. Rhett got into the Fresh Cannabis Santal perfume sample I was recently given. It had a tiny spray button on the end that he used to shower himself and my bathroom with the very strong scent. He reeks. No scratching needed. He smells like a little gigolo. The stench in the bathroom is even worse and simply headache inducing. I am not a big fragrance girl...you wouldn't be either if you lived through this.

Dear Smoke Detector Alarm Inventor (aka the devil):
Hi. I think your product has a slight flaw. A flaw that can induce insanity. The whole "2 quick chirps" at random intervals, never less then 90 seconds apart, only in the middle of the night system doesn't seem to be working for me. I have several smoke detectors in the house and cannot seem to pinpoint the one with the spent battery. I don't tolerate random. I don't seem to be as patient as you expect me to be. I don't have time to camp under one detector at a time to eliminate it as a possibility of the friendly chirping sounds that bore through my brain like two quick friendly ice pick blows. I know you send out public service announcements like "change all your batteries on January 1" so this hell doesn't happen. Thanks. I was a little busy on that day writing my resolutions and posting them in my blog to complete that task. Here is the deal. I have replaced 2 batteries today and I only have one more 9 volt battery and 3 more smoke detectors. Are you in some grand scheme with local mental health facilities? I was going to go to bed early. This is not the first time you have been cursed in this household. I remember a night. No, an early morning...2 am to be exact when the chirping was pinpointed to the staircase. The 20 foot ceiling staircase. I have a 10 foot ladder. Blog-Stedman and I built a temporary platform, placed the 10 foot ladder on it's top and I climbed to my death to replace the battery while he held onto my legs to secure our engineering marvel. It was like one of those team building exercises that office workers endure. So, please modify your design and send me new and improved models here at the Nirvana. If you need any advice, give me a call. Thanks!

This occurred yesterday:

And now for a new potluck feature (will the magic never end?)...It's called, "Which one of my dear readers arrived by googling this?" Hmmmm...that may need a fancy button too. Note to self: Email Nap Warden to request such a thing. Please confess if you were brought here by googling:
1. Who stole my toothbrush?
OK, I get that I am really good at finding things, but do I know you? Have I been to your house? So sorry, I didn't help you there. Did you check in the second left drawer in your bathroom?
2. Goat's feet pictures
I will assume that you were doing scientific research. So sorry I couldn't help you on your quest for cancer eradication or the reversal of global warming.
Good stuff there...Google results PLUS my apologies.

Dear children,
Hi. I know the Texas winds were blowing last night and thunder and lightening ensued, but the 4 am wake up call and subsequent climb into my bed doesn't seem to work for me. The 5 am bounce house party re-enactment was not my favorite moment today. I am much nicer when I get my sleep. I am much nicer when I get my yoga. I figure that after you live through the day with me today you will mend your ways. You are smart boys and won't want to make that mistake again.
Love ya!

Alright, the potluck is officially over...Hi mom! I felt my other readers dropping like flies earlier on in festivities...


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Dang it! Now I'm going to have to go to Target and buy that thing. I will hang my head in shame as I walk through the store carrying it, but if pancake puffs are half as yummy as y'all claim, the shame will be worth it.

spinning in our own direction said...

Ok for you non danish people. I have an ableshiver pan from like the 1800's that looks just like the"pancake puff" pan. WE have our own reciepe with buttermilk I will have to share. I have been eating those on Christmas, bdays and new years day since I can remeber. I once made 200 of them for the National fair in 6th grade. We put powder sugar on top. and chocholate chips or what ever else my dad could find in the middle and if you got it is was your lucky day. too funny..

Courtney said...

I made it too. That little diddy about the smoke detectors is right on. Let me know if you get a good response.

jennifer h said...

I didn't drop.

Smoke detectors have brains. I'm convinced of it. It's probably not just one...they're bouncing a signal back and force just to screw with you.

What magic potion did you put inside the pancake puffs?

Now I want one of those.

Lisa said...

Silly mommy--NEVER let a dad go to Target with children unsupervised--that's the difference between a quick $12 trip and a $120 trip ;)
I heard about the freegan thing a while back--I cannot believe Oprah gave crediblity to these 'people'--I wonder if the doctor and engineer give their services away for free to all? hmmm.....
My kids know I'm much nicer after yoga too and insist I go or maybe they just hope daddy will take them to target for pancake puffs while I am gone?!

Chuck said...

Well to have that amazing pancake puff pan and to see the testimonials hooked me in. Well done. You got leftovers?

I need to check out my google searches once in a while. I've seen some real doozies. Have a gr8 Monday!

Chuck said...

Well to have that amazing pancake puff pan and to see the testimonials hooked me in. Well done. You got leftovers?

I need to check out my google searches once in a while. I've seen some real doozies. Have a gr8 Monday!

Slow Panic said...

finally someone made the pancake puffs. but did you fill them with chocolate filling yet? that's the real question.

Slow Panic said...

finally someone made the pancake puffs. but did you fill them with chocolate filling yet? that's the real question.

Jennifer said...

i didn't get to read your post yet, well part of it, but i have to get my daughters out of their brothers bedroom, but i also had to comment first on the pancake puffer. i saw an infomercial on this the other night while i wasn't sleeping, and thought it was kind of cool, but wasn't sure. i'm anxious now to read your post on it. ~ i'll be back.
xoxoxo jenn

Anonymous said...

wheeee! That was one wild ride! I needed the laugh on this windy, cold Monday morning.
Loved the testimonials, too.

cce said...

Geez, that's quite a bit of the blue dye #35 on those outstretched tongues. My kids are made completely hyper active by food coloring so I'm there just wondering about the rest of the day with those blue mouthed children.

Anonymous said...

Is that a turkey baster thing? It looks awesome. Hey? If the boys like it? Who cares!!

You so should contact Nap Warden. Did you see the new button for my contest? She did it.

And, you are better than I am? I would've given the tykes sedatives. Thank God I was the only one awakened by the storms. The dog, the Hub, and the Boy Wonder all slept through it.

Kristen said...

Ok so I also love the pancake puff idea!! Sounds and looks yummy to me.

And I too swear that the stupid alarm clocks only go off in the middle of the night. I have actually tracked them done through our sons monitor before. I hate them, and I hope the makers call you so you can design a new one.

Well said!

Angie said...


I can't stop laughing at the unsupervised shopping find. Brian would SOOO have come home with it too and made it be all...'You know, for you, hon." I will have to steer clear of the kitchen gadgets dept at Target now that they are mass produced.

Also, smoke detectors. My Mother in law once called an exterminator and sprayed the whole house to get rid of the cricket chirping intermittedly. You guessed it - smoke detector.


Angela said...

Only crazy people allow their husbands to shop unsupervised. Mine usually comes home with ice cream. Let's hope he doesn't find out about this gadget.

Rachael said...

I've been stewing on a google hit post; recently I've had some real doozies (is that a word?).

Anonymous said...

My children think your children are the luckiest things evah to have a pancake puff maker. My children continue to suffer without one.

Dude, what made you send your husband to Target with the kids? Crazy lady.

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, man that looks totally yum.

If I had a friggin' Target within 100 miles of my house I would be there.

(I know. No Target. It pains me deeply. Almost as much as the fact that we have TWO WALMARTS within 10 miles of each other. Sob.)

Nap Warden said...

I gotta say, the pancake puff looks yum!

A Mom Two Boys said...

My thoughts:

1) Shut the "F" Up- They have the pancake puff pan at Target? How did I not KNOW this?!
2) Yum. Yum. Yum.
3) Canabis perfume?! The last time I smelled THAT I was in college at a Dave Matthews Concert.
4) Thanks for the linky love!

Lynn said...

Dang. My DH is out of a job and now I find out that I have actually missed buying something at Target...sigh:~( Now I have to go and figure out how to work $19.99 plus tax into my budget. Maybe by the time I figure it all out...they'll be marked down to $14.99. (one can hope) Enjoyed your Monday Pot luck.

Jen said...

Mmmmm. Pancake puffs. Must have.

Beth said...

Hey! Wait a minute! We got the pancake puff thing as a gift and there was no red pot holder and no injector and no shaker! I am beginning to wonder if we have received a "hot" pancake puff pan! The box was also white...plain white...no writing...no As Seen on TV Logo...nothing.

I made the puffs and while they were cute, my kids did not appreciate the work that went into making them. They had a few bites and told me that regular pancakes were better.

Perhaps they would have been better with the shaker and the injector....

Purple Teacup said...

That wore me out. Speaking of commercials, I broke down and bought the Ped Egg.

Crafty Mom said...

I got a pancake puff maker for Christmas from the kids. They love it. I think they are a pain to make-I can never get them to flip as easily as they do it on that darn commercial! lol!

Health Blog India said...

its very cute. thanks too share.....

Tips and Tricks blog said...

I love that idea. Awesome Post..

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