It is potluck Monday and I am just too busy to cook, but MeL just emailed me that I should serve "a good egg and sausage casserole (that) sounds good and fating". So MeL is bringing the food and google has yet another contribution to crazy new words that will bring you right here to nirvana headquarters. It is a win/win situation. For my vegetarian readership, I offer left-over mac and cheese, but it isn't just any mac and cheese (because I didn't make it!) it has spinach, tomatoes, onions and is just yummy. It was made by my personal chef for last evening. I could get used to living that life.

The lovely Kristian at Lessons in Motherhood tagged me for the following meme: Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. This whole blog falls under this category so just 6 should be a break for my dear readers. Please go visit her and send good thoughts as she makes a big transition (and see a very cute baby picture).
1. I am a project girl. I prefer short-term projects because I am also #2. These projects then consume my life and thoughts and I try to come up for air occasionally to visit raise my children.
2. I am an instant-gratification girl, BUT realize this and try to temper it. I see no reason why dessert shouldn't be served only first.
3. I like Dr. Pepper and wish to drink it continuously (because of #2).
4. I am obsessed with family photos and digitially scrapbook every single waking moment (and a few sleeping ones) of my children's lives. I am only 5 years behind in this project which makes my issues quirky qualities #1 and #2 drive me to near insanity.
5. I wish I was sailing.
6. I could live the life of Becky Bloomwood-Brandon, but fear it wouldn't turn out as well.

The beautiful Sandy from Momisodes
sent over this this sweet award.
Thanks so much Sandy--I am in total blog nirvana. All I can say is that you better get over to her site because when I went to check the links there were pictures of a pregnancy test along with a very funny story.

Dear reader,
Thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for commenting. If I could ever get up the energy to tackle photoshop, I would make you a super-cool award. It is because of you that this fabulous thing happened to me (see, I can twist anything into something about me). You voted! And....drumroll....a dramatic pause...I won the caption contest over at the fabulous Mrs. Fussypants! Yeah! Thanks so much for your support. Mrs. Fussypants, in her charming over-achieving ways is rolling out two new websites in the near future. Be sure to take a look at a sweet peek at The Gentle Art of Ruling Your Husband. She is also up for a bloggie, so please go vote for her.

Tooth Fairy Update: We had our first visit from the tooth fairy last night. Ryan's lower right front tooth was lovely "nudged" in the outward direction by Bampa yesterday. Mimi provided a small ceramic box in the shape of a crown (very fitting) to transport the newly released tooth. I did not cry, even a bit! The tooth was placed bedside and $5 was deposited while little boys slept. Ryan seemed to know the tooth fairy's going rate according to classmates. He stated, "It is 5 dollars for a tooth and I was told that by a boy who doesn't even act very nice" implying that unlike Santa, the toothfairy is neutral on poor behavior.


A Mom Two Boys said...

MMMMmmmm...sausage & egg casserole. If only I knew a good recipe. Oh, wait.

Congrats on the Win! Awesome.

5 Bucks? Holy cow. Around here, which is surprising since CA is the most expensive state ever, I think the tooth fairy's going rate is 43 cents. Maybe she's just trying to offset the $3.35 per gallon of gas.

Kristian said...

Your too sweet, thanks for making my morning! $5 teeth...thats $100 a kid. I seem to recall $1 a tooth and thinking I was rich. Costly little monekys aren't they? I'm spending my last full monday at home with Cade since its -46 (with windchill) here, for you thats
-50.8. UGLY!

jennifer h said...

That macaroni and cheese sounds yummy (not much has these last few days). Can I find the recipe somewhere?

Congratulations on the first tooth--sounds like you handled it like a champ.

Kellan said...

Congratulations on the great award and for winning the contest - I voted for you!

Have a good day - see you soon. Kellan

jennyonthespot said...

5 bucks! Man, the Tooth Fairy is really shorting my kids. I shure hope the kids at school keep quiet :) Although... one time the TF couldn't make it 3 nights in a row (snow and apparently LOTS of teeth were falling out, so she fell a little behind)... so she did pony up that time :)

A Mom Two Boys said...

Ha! I wasn't fishing for a worries. She just sounds like a woman after my own heart!

Sandy C. said...

"Beautiful"?---*blushes*'re officially my favorite blog now ;)

Man that egg and sausage casserole sounds divine. We love both in our house.

$5 a tooth?....We definitely can't afford another child ;)

cce said...

Our tooth fairy doles out $5 for the first tooth...important stuff,a milestone. And then, the rewards for dental losses are a measly dollar. One time we plain forgot and my son entered the kitchen in the morning and asked in a big voice. "Well, guess what the tooth fairy brought me? Nothing, absolutely nothing." That was pretty much a low point around here.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm pretty sure dessert can come first. I've done it and not been struck by lightening, so it must be true. Instant gratification is a good thing.

Jessica said...

Man, I remember when I was a kid I was rich if I recieved a dollar! Inflation sucks!

JCK said...

Congrats on the 1st heist, I mean tooth. That is a milestone.

Congrats on the award & winning the contest. Yeah!

slouching mom said...

around these parts the going rate is ONE dollar.

congratulations on your win!

and dr. pepper? mmm...

nonlineargirl said...

I loved your GM rant, but I needed to share with you the dangers of the obsessive scrapbooking. A number of years ago there was a great story on the program This American Life about a woman set on documenting every moment of her child's life.

Act two of the show shown here:

Rachael said...

There are times when I can completely identify with dear Becky Brandon. Such a sympathetic character in my opinion! :)

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