Yesterday Ryan had worked on his school work well all morning so I decided to take the boys out to lunch as a treat. I didn't have the energy to endure pizza and games so I decided to take them to a local restaurant that has a beach outside.

Well...a very a large area of sand.

The boys were excited to see the sand. Ryan and Reid ran for the sand. Rhett sat down with me on the patio to order food and watch the fun.

Rhett tried for a few minutes to tell me that he didn't like sand, but the temptation was too much and he was soon out playing with his brothers. The restaurant was very empty with just four other tables of moms watching their little ones play on the "beach".

All was going smoothly until Reid started screaming at two other boys that looked like they were 4. I ran over to ask him to stop and he informed me that these boys were bad.

Very bad.

They didn't look all that bad.

I looked over to the table where the bad boys' mothers sat. The mothers smiled and waved. The bad boys' mothers didn't look all that bad.

I decided this might be a bit of an over-reaction on Reid's part and that I would watch how this scene played out.

The bad boys decided interactions with Reid were too noisy so they turned to Rhett(2) who looked like an easier target.

The bad boys started chasing Rhett and holding out scary hands and screaming.

Rhett ran.

The bad boys mothers got up immediately. I told them not to worry Rhett has two older brothers and I think he could handle himself (this action of concern by the bad boys' mothers proved to me that neither the boys nor their mothers were bad...).

Rhett got a bit of a distance from the bad boys chasing him, turned, put up his hands and screamed at the top of his lungs, "STOP!"

Ryan and Reid ran to his side.

What happened next was a scene out of Westside Story

There was two lines of boys facing each other.

The bad boys vs. the Nirvana boys.

There was walking forward.

There was walking backward.

There was trash talking.

Unfortunately there was no singing.

Unfortunately there was no snapping.

It was an intense battle there on the sand.

An intense battle over turf.

Turf worth fighting for...

The turf was a very large puddle in the sand.

The turf was boy heaven.

The Nirvana boys had the bad boys outnumbered.

The Nirvana boys had the bad boys outattituded.

The Nirvana boys had the common blood of brotherhood on their side.

It wasn't even fair.

I don't think anyone will mess with the Nirvana boys after this suburban legend is told...



pgoodness said...

Turned out to be quite an exciting day!

MoscowMom said...

Hah! I found myself really wishing they'd broken into song!!! I'd love to read (hear) THOSE lyrics!

MoscowMom said...

Great. Now I can't get THIS out of my head...

"These crocs were made for stomping...
That's just what they'll do...
One of the days these crocs are gonna stomp all over you..."

Brooks said...

Don't you love how the band of brotherhood is so strong! I have 4 girls and they are the same way! Its all in how you raise your children to respect and take care of one another! Kuddos to you!

Brittany said...

Oh man...the ONLY way this story could be better is if there was a fog machine and jazz hands!!!

Eudae-mamia said...

Oh my! I would've loved to have seen a shot of some jazz hands.

Way to kick some sissy bad boy tail Nirvana Gang! I'm going to steer clear.

The question begging to be answered - did Mama break out into "I Feel Pretty" on the car ride home?


EatPlayLove said...

first, I must say that is quite the attraction adjacent to the restaurant, how do you get your kids to eat? And do they have delightful drinks?

Oh the Nirvana boys, I see it on the backs of leather jackets as I type!

Beck said...

If my Boy had been there, there would TOTALLY have been some singing. Because he is like that.

Kaye said... fighting. Gotta' love it.

Courtney said...

Your boys really know how to stand up for each other. Thanks for sharing your suburban legend.

jill jill bo bill said...

B-B-B-BAD! Bad to the bone!

You know that they can never claim their territory because to accurately do that 'shoes over the powerline thing' (that gangs use to mark their turf) you might have to buy them something other than crocs. But just in case you figure out how, I will definitely be on the lookout for tiny crocs dangling so I won't take my kids there. Your kids can take mine.

Mrs Parks said...

That is one tuff sand story.

I'm just wondering, at any point did anyone ever draw a line in that sand?

In the last picture I hear Clint Eastwood whistling dodadodado wahwahwah... Was that The Good Bad and the Ugly?

Never mind, it's looks like I'm starting my own post here.

LOVE the pictures.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Oh - this is terrific! I truly hope that my boys will stick together and stand up for each other should the need ever arise.

As I type that I'm reminded of the time a boy across the street was picking on me, so my LITTLE sister picked up a 2x4 and began swinging at him to defend my honor. We were about 7 & 9 at the time. Earned her the nickname "Hacksaw". My dad thought it was hilarious, the boy's dad - not so much.

I hope my boys would do that for each other...

The Mom said...

Now I've got "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the come for you?" in my head!

Anonymous said...

NEVER get between brothers. You.Will.Lose. ;)

Valarie said...

Your boys are bad, but not in a bad way, in a good way :)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I can't stop singing, I Fell Pretty...

on another note, Are you homeschooling?


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

gripping tale of nirvana ;)
We were just there a few days ago :)

Fiesty Charlie said...

Priceless.... When will the Nirvana boys and friend start work on the canvas strips?

I can barely wait to see the Nirvana clan's art work!

spinning in our own direction said...

I'm so sad .. we wouldv'e so gone with you ..then there wouldv'e been a real show down.. HA HA

Elaine A. said...

I'd never wanna mess with those tough Croc-wearin' bandits either. That's fo sho! ; )

Mekhismom said...

I can totally hear the music from West Side Story - snaps included. You so vividly set up the scene. I love it! And I love the Nirvana boys taking on the bad boys!

Marcy Writes - The Glamorous Lfie said...

They might have to change the name of their gang from Nirvana Boys....thinking that won't hold alot of street cred. Hey I know- "Croc Boys" and they can get tatoos of a crocidile. Yeah you would love THAT

Is there nothing more heart warming when they come to each others defense? I love it.

On a limb with Claudia said...


JenniBeanV said...

Classic! I think you should choreograph a little something...maybe compose a song?

Ron Davison said...

I hear the problem with those suburban gangs of preschoolers is getting to be epidemic.

And I overheard the "bad" mothers talking. "What is with her?"
"I hear she blogs."
Silence ensues. Finally, awkwardly, one speaks up,
"What does that mean?"
"Well," says the other with her arms crossed, "I just know it can't be good. BLAH-G?"
"Yeah. You can just tell by the way her kids act. Look at that."
Holly smiles and waves. They wince and make a half wave, rising to collect their stuff.
"Hers are category 4 kids," one says. "Time to evacuate."

Manic Mommy said...

Nice work, boys. Don't eff with Nirvana.

the planet of janet said...

when you're a rhett,
you're a rhett all the way,
from your first screaming match
to your last cranky day...

with ryan and reid,
if the spit hits the fan,
you got brothers around,
you're a family man!

you're never alone,
you're never disconnected!
you're home with your own:
when company's expected,
then rhett's protected!

then you are set
with a capital R,
which you'll never forget
cuz you know who you are ...
when you're a rhett,
you stay a rhett!

Laski Gal said...

The Nirvana boys. You better watch out!

For some reason, I have the song "Beat it" raging in my head . . .

Salubrina said...

clever, funny, and entertaining, as always.

you have such a wonderful perspective on your life, and the lives of your boys.

thanks for the funny.




dang it, now i've got all those west side story songs in my head.....

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great story! **snap snap*

And everybody know...bad boys wear Crocs.

Larissa said...

OMG... that was CLASSIC.

And now I have some twisted toddler version of West Side Story in my head.

If this results in my own backwards blgopost, you *will* be to blame. Heh. ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Who are the bad boys now?!

Madge said...

if only there had been snapping.....

next time, you better have a video camera with you, i'm just sayin'

Teri said...

Don't mess with brothers and their sandy turf. That's all I'm sayin'.

mommeeof9 said...

If I understand little boys correctly, it is okay for them to annoy and beat on their brother, but not for someone else to bother their brother.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Go Nirvana boys. You are much braver than I am. I wouldn't allow mine to play in sand like that. The mess frightens me too much.

PAPATV said...

When I was younger I told my mom I wanted new shoes because new shoes made me run faster. I never ran with Crocs, though. But if I did, it would surely be in the sand and not the cold, hard concrete.

flickrlovr said...

Post of the week here, Holly. Haha! Sounds like the Nirvana men showed 'em who's boss, eh? Work it, brothers!
Too funny.

Roger said...

That's so funny, was the bad boys sister Maria hanging back and out of the way?

No doubt your boys were the Sharks, as they defended their turf... the water.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the things I most enjoy about having four sons...the shared bond that dictates the "Hey, don't mess with my brother" attitude.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Planet of Janet's song is genius! I was trying, but she nailed it.

I'm just hoping you plan to show them that fight scene really soon.

AMomTwoBoys said...

I certainly won't be messing with the Nirvana boys any time soon.

They're pretty intimidating.

Anonymous said...


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