I thought this post was really funny. It made me laugh out loud...coffee through nose kinda funny.
***Mommy disclaimer: I have given birth 3 times. I have received an epidural 3 times. Within 5 minutes of my first pre-natal visit with my first pregnancy I had been reassured by my doctor that he believed in childbirth drugs and although he wasn't willing to start my epidural right then, he promised he would when the time came. I just want to make that clear before I go on. Thanks, Holly***
Please notice my comment when you visit. Then Bill emailed me to tell me the rest of the story. I guess I was the only on in the entire blogworld that thought it was funny. Please notice Bill's mom's comment (and up to this date I have always agreed with Bill's mom). AND then you have to read Strollerderby's "rebuttal" of this post here. Am I crazy or is this funny?

If that is to controversial for you, try this. CCE at Mad Marriage linked to this wonderful post about mommy bloggers. I am hoping for a few spare moments to further explore archives at R World.

If that is too deep for you this happy Wednesday morning, then hop on over to Mrs. Fussypants to vote for my caption in this week's contest. My completely votable caption for this photo is: Hey Mommy, can you change the channel on the TV?Since I am into disclosures today...I did think that one of the other captions running (and beating) mine was pretty funny.

That is all I got. A complete post with not an original thought by me. Some mornings I just have to admit that I couldn't have said it better myself.


Happy Campers said...

At first glance, I thought the children in the picture were YOURS and I just about fell out of my chair. But then I didn't recognize any of the furniture as your house, so I decided to actually READ the post and see that it's not one of your pics. I love your title though :)

Chuck said...

Dude. I lost my breath on this one. Plz tell me that paint can be removed. This is not a joke right? Oh. My. Gosh. Caption good. Your patience, priceless....w8 a minute. These kids aren't yours!!!!!!!!! Ya got me, sister.

jennifer h said...

That picture was heart-stopping. Can't. process. it.

Thank you for posting those great links. (Seriously, with the first one, does no one get sarcasm?)

The Rworld link was fantastic. It was a great boost. I'll repeat what I said in his comments: Maybe we should unionize? How much could we get per word?

A Mom Two Boys said...

Okay, once again you've inspired me to write a LONG, WITTY, ENTERTAINING, HILARIOUS post. Or, at least long and hopefully entertaining.

I've seen that picture before and everytime I look at it, I get the willies. Can't. Imagine.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I saw that your comment got a nod. Don't you feel so honored to have made it to the big time on Fussy?!

Jen said...

I thought the childbirth post was hilarious! The last little blurb about not "juicing" almost made me spit my tea out.

I had 2 epidurals. I wanted to have 3, but the doc was "too busy delivering other babies" to give me one during my second labor. I'm here to attest epidurals are from HEAVEN. Let's just say that non-epi birth left a mark. On my soul.

I'll go check out the other links you shared. Thanks for a good laugh!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! I had to read the post on epidurals. I tried that natural thing too, and then I reached 7cms and said "nah".

OMG! That pic! Your caption is hilarious :) I have to go and vote now.

Jessica said...

Holy cow! I dont know if I should laugh or cry!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You have to check out this video about NATURAL child birth. I promise it's not a TLC special! It's a comedic bit done by Bill Cosby...very funny!


Rachel said...

I got it, the satire and snark in his post, that is. Funny. That was kind of funny.
I've seen that picture so many times and I laugh every single time :-)

exskindiver said...

that picture is very funny.
glad those aren't your kids though...
toxic fumes and all.

thanks for your kind words about my aunt.
your children are CUTE!

that was a pretty good post by RWrld.
recognition is always nice.

Cheers to motherhood!
(and SAHMotherhood)

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