Yeah, I am really sorry about the earlier post, but you have to look down there to catch up...just kidding..I think you will catch on pretty quickly that I was losing my mind. To further prove that theory, please note the above picture. Ryan wanted to put Rhett's new Thomas train set under the tree "like a real train set" so I pulled the tree away from the wall and we built the track. It looks like it fits until you get the train on there and then it just pulls branches away and ornaments off. Not a successful scientific experiment, but a successful mess.

I want to thank a mommy friend for coming over and rescuing me from myself this afternoon. The baby who needed a 3 hour nap took a 35 minute one and the other boys were running wild. It was all solved by kid playtime, adult conversation, delivery pizza, the return of blog-Stedman and two baths (one for the boys and one for me). is exhausting living happily ever after.


JCK said...

Hey, my boy would go nuts over that GIANT Thomas Train. I dare not show him that picture, which is adorable.

Your slow descent into insanity has to be completely normal for a mom with 3 boys. Are you insane? :)

Mommy friends are the best! Happy Holidays!

And by the way..those rap lyrics based on mathematics were pretty damn funny!

Jodi said...

Thomas? Who's Thomas????

love the big train. My kids were to big when that one came out. I'm still trying to recover from all the wooden track in the house.

HRH said...

I think I have left enough evidence as to the level of my insanity...thanks to all for kind comments/emails.

and to those (JODI) who are beyond the Thomas stage--the fact that you are there gives me hope, but I have one question for you...How many legos did you step on this morning on the way to the kitchen??? hahaha

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