As previously mentioned, I am reading "Eat, Pray, Love" (yes, I saw her on Oprah, yes, I went and bought the book, remind yourself I am the classic Oprah demographic so what do you expect? They do their research there! I can't help it! Oh, back to enlightenment...) and I am now in Bali with Liz. I like Bali alot better--probably even better than Italy--definitely better than India. Earlier in the book she mentions a friend who says in effect that she just doesn't have the desire to fervently search for inner peace. I, with asterisk, have to agree. Asterisk: I think that we are built with different spectrums of peacefulness and the desire to change that level varies as we mature through life. I personally would never choose Italy, India and Bali but would love to sail around--I don't even need a destination--just sail. Obviously, that is not something I can do physically any time soon due to my current "situation". I love that Liz did it. I love that she wrote about it. I love that I can live vicariously through her experience. I love that I DON'T have the desire to do it.

So, can everything can change internally without anything changing physically...


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