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Hey, Cat Cora I need a word with YOU

Posted by Holly Homer |

Bianca and I are DANCING into the kitchen this morning to see what day five of our 21 cheap, cheap, cheap meal menu courtesy of Chef Cat Cora and the all knowing Oprah has to offer...

Let's start with breakfast!

Rizogalo (Creamy Breakfast Brown Rice Pudding)

We were glad that I had made a large batch of brown rice a few nights ago and put it in the fridge for later use. That meant that our cooking time would be shorter this morning because we were so smart (and cute).

Rizogalo - Creamy Brown Breakfast Rice Pudding

We even ended up making about 3 videos to post with this process, but due to technical difficulties they were accidentally deleted on Bianca's camera so you will have to just imagine me in my big fluffy robe standing by the stove stirring the RizagallawhateveritisIcannotpronounceitanywaysoprobablyagoodthingthevideothingdidnotworkout:

20 minutes into the recipe:

Holly: What is happening here? I can't get this milk to boil.

30 minutes into the recipe:

Holly: Whew! Got the milk to boil and now I am being all fancy and tempering an egg by pouring 1/2 cup of boiling milk into the pre-mixed egg. Now I am adding the tempered egg into the boiling milk along with our rice. We will cook the rice mixture for another 20 minutes until it starts to thicken.

50 minutes into the recipe:

Holly: I was supposed to be "continuously stirring" during the entire 20 minute thickening process, but I have three kids so that just isn't feasible. I spent the last 20 minutes feeding them since they couldn't wait any longer.

60 minutes into the recipe:

Holly: The kids are long gone from the breakfast table. THIS IS NOT THICKENING! I am going to go do my hair and get some clothes on.

75 minutes into the recipe:

Holly: Seriously, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I want that Chef Cat Cora over at my house ASAP to explain how to fit a 75 minute BREAKFAST recipe into my life.

90 minute into the recipe...

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