I posted the next episode of Holly's Animated Life over at Fussy's place. Please come visit me!

P.S. This episode was written as a request from my brother Fred.

If you are looking for more episodes of Holly's animated life, please click here.


Elizabeth said...

Make sure to check your comments at Mrs. Fussypants' place.
Love road trips!

On a limb with Claudia said...

I posted this at Miss Fussypants but then thought I'd post it here too. You might have turned the walky talky off from Miss Fussypants - it happens....

"Dude, my family so did this. But of course, the "big kids" were in the front close to Mom and Dad and the "little kids" were in the way back. My Mom would read into the walky talky from the AAA book. Of course, I turned the "little kids" walky talky off. Pfft, like I was going to start listening to her! :)

We have so much in common it's scary.

Did your little brother do the "I'm not over the line" thing??"

Sarah said...

I loved your trip to fussy's!! Had me giggling as it sounded so very familiar!!

Happy Campers said...

Oh my gosh. That story was HILLARIOUS!!!!! Lying in the back window was SO my spot. Or sitting on the "hump" in the front seat between my grandparents. That was awesome.

exskindiver said...

i have been reading up what i missed.
monster teeth--
and no pacifier woes.
very funny.

now i am off to read about your animated life.

JCK said...

That was too fun!

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