7:45 PM

My Three Sons...

Posted by Holly Homer |

Getting a picture of three boys is like herding cats. I try every few weeks hoping that someday we will get one that has good expressions on EACH boy's face. This, of course, is part of the fantasy world in which I live. I chose this one because they are all standing in the same vicinity, looking at the camera and the expressions are pretty characteristic of their unique personalities. I will someday learn to paste this URL into my profile, but for now....baby steps to the elevator...I am just thrilled that it shows up anywhere.

Might I mention that tonight is the scarriest night of the year? When you have 3 children that regularly wake up at 5:30 am and then toss in a time change that ADDS an hour it is a recipe for mommy getting up at do I dare say 4:30? I think I better get to bed. Halloween doesn't scare me, but daylight savings time is quite frightening.


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